What is a temp/Temporary/Disposable/Anonymous Email?

A temporary or disposable email is a completely anonymous email address with a predetermined lifetime that does not require any registration. This type of email service is designed to protect your privacy.

Why Use a Temporary Email Address?

There are several situations where a temporary email address can be useful:

  • Registering on dubious websites
  • Creating and sending anonymous correspondence
  • Signing up for forums, sweepstakes, or instant messaging services
  • Protecting your primary email inbox from spam and unwanted messages

How is a Temporary Email Different from a Regular Email?

The key differences between a temporary email and a regular email are:

  1. No registration required
  2. Complete anonymity - your personal details, address, and IP address are removed after the mailbox expires
  3. Instant message delivery
  4. Automatic email address generation (no need to manually pick a free host name)
  5. Full protection from spam, hacking, and exploits

Extending the Lifetime of a Temporary Email Address

The email address is valid until you delete it or until the service changes the domain list. There is no need to extend the time manually - the address will remain active for as long as needed.

Sending Emails with Mail-log

Sending emails is not enabled on Mail-log due to concerns over fraud and spam. The service is designed solely for receiving and reading messages.

Deleting a Temporary Email Address

To delete your temporary email address, simply press the 'Delete' button on the home page.

Checking Received Emails

All received emails will be displayed under your mailbox name. You can view the sender, subject, and message text. If your expected emails are not appearing, click the 'Refresh' button to update the list.

We hope this guide has answered the most frequently asked questions about Mail-log temporary email service. If you have any other questions, feel free to use our feedback service at [email protected].